What to do when a drain gets clogged doesn't enter into conversations very often. When a drain does get clogged, homeowners are asking everyone they can think of for help in finding the best plumbing service around. The second thought they have is, what the price will be? They see the end before the beginning and can imagine their yard being torn up by huge machines spewing mud all over the lawn. They see technicians going in and out of the house with muddy feet, and they want to pull their hair out before they've even made the call to a drain cleaning service ri residents recommend.

Most drains get clogged because they're used so much. Consider how much the bathroom sink is used. It's used for shaving, shampooing hair, washing hands, nylons and socks. Shave gel, soaps and contact us shampoos combine with dirt and hair, and can slowly clog the pipes. When the homeowner tries to unclog the drain using products brought home from the store, they usually make matters worse.

Homeowners may not realize what articles other family members throw into the commode before it's flushed. The wipes that companies say are safe to flush can clog the sewer line or septic tank. Double thickness toilet tissue, paper towels, hygiene, and other personal products can create a large clog that will eventually cause an odorous sewer backup.

Drain cleaning services advise against pouring chemicals down the drain to unclog it. First of all, they feel they're too dangerous, and secondly, they can cause damage to drain pipes because they're caustic. Home and business owners feel they're saving money by pouring something they purchased down the drain. It's better to call professionals to get the drain unclogged safely. It actually saves money to have a rooter service come in and take care of the problem. The clog can start inside the home or it can be a clog caused by roots that have gotten inside the line. This type of clog requires a drain pipe video inspection.

Once the drain cleaning service sees the video, they'll know exactly where to dig so that it can be repaired. No huge machines will be spewing mud all over the place. If you're noticing that water is going down the bathtub drain much more slowly, it's eventually going to clog completely. If the wash water isn't draining out of the laundry tub as fast as it should, call a professional before you have water all over the floor of your laundry room.


There are many reasons that cause drains to clog, and most of them center around dirt, soap and hair. If your drains are clogged, call a professional company in your area that works every day of the year, is affordable, and doesn't charge extra for emergency calls.